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We are an agency 
allied to people and to organizations

About us

We are a boutique Human Resources Consulting & Coaching agency.


We design unique experiences that allow people, entrepreneurs and organizations to connect with their purpose and make it come true.

We have + 12 years of experience collaborating with organizations of different industries and sizes in managing the well-being and professional development of their people and teams.

We work side by side as an strategic ally in achieving objectives, developing customized solutions with high impact on results that guarantee a unique experience.

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to designing and improving the well-being of people, in organizations and in their own lives.

Our services

We connect people with organizations and organizations with people.



We help you take your professional career to the next level.

Headhunting for

Key Positions

We help you attract key and talented people for your organization.

Maternity & Paternity


We accompany you in your role as a mother or father who seeks to balance their work and personal life.

Human Management Consulting

We help you design and execute the key processes and procedures of a People area.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

We help you materialize and grow your business.

Women Leaders


We help you to contact other women leaders so that they can weave a support network.

Lucia Merega

Founding member of Aliada

I invite you to know more about me.

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Some of our clients


Punta del Este, Uruguay

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